The line of natural wines in Bag in Box

This line-up features exclusive copyright wines created by our young and progressive winemaker in conjunction with our leading marketers and sales professionals.

There are classic wines in the range, which are very much lacking in the segment of bottling wine, as well as new and progressive positions, from which the world is crazy.

Our wines are made in the Bessarabia region, which is located 150 km from the industrial enterprises. The plant and vineyards are located in a clean ecological zone, not far from the wine-growing regions of neighboring countries. That is why, in addition to perfect taste, our wines also have high environmental properties.

To make people drink delicious and aromatic natural wine. For Ukraine to grow a culture of wine consumption. If we where to learn to enjoy and appreciate the moments we would spend with friends, relatives and family. For each to find your own in our wine.

Unraveling the Myths! Bag in Box

When you uncork a bottle of wine, it enters the air. If it is not drunk in the next couple of days, it is oxidized and the residue is simply poured. There is no such problem with bag in box packaging: the tap through which the wine is poured does not allow air to flow inside and the wine remains fresh.

Bag in Box is just packaging, not a sign of bad wine. Choose wines from a well-known producer, watch the year of the harvest and the region, and enjoy a drink in the company of close friends.

  • You can drink a glass a day, stretching the pleasure and the wine is still not long spoiled.
  • The 10-liter bag in box contains 13 regular bottles of wine: enough for a large company, which is very convenient for a holiday, picnic or party.
  • Bag in box bags take up less space in the car and, of course, the packaging weighs less than the same number of bottles (this will be very useful if you have to carry it in your hands).
  • Pre-cooled wine in a bag in box when leaving for the outdoors heats up not as fast as its counterpart in a glass bottle, and opaque packaging will not allow the sun to spoil the contents.
  • After use, the packaging is easier to dispose than glass. Modern bag in box are made from environmentally friendly materials and do no harm to the environment. And most importantly, you don’t need a corkscrew and you don’t have to twist to unscrew the bottle if the corkscrew
  • Bottled wine will cost you less than a similar bottle volume. Price matters. The quality of the wine remains the same, and the pros – much more.
  • And another strong argument to help you decide on a bag in box wine is that European winemakers have long poured wine into a bag in box of the same quality as bottles. In Chile and Argentina, almost 30% of young wine comes from “alternative” packaging, and in Australia, where this kind of packaging comes from, more than 40% of wine is poured into a bag in box.