ТМ Tiziano Sparkling – created be our winemakers and technologists bottled at Henkell & Co. Gruppe.

This corporation is one of the leading players in the European market and owns enterprises for the production of sparkling, still wines and spirits in countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain and Italy.

It is wondering this is the only company in the world, which is non – resident company and has production in province. The first company in Ukraine, which received IS O 9001:2008; International Featured Standard Food; ISO22000:2005.


The drink has a gentle red color.

Fragrant, bright, intense aroma of drink harmoniously combined the taste of strawberry and red berries.

The taste of wine is elegant, balanced ,with intense notes of ripe strawberries.

Nice aperitif that can be used in it’s purest form or used for preparation of cocktails.


The drink exhibits a distinct aroma with characteristic of pomegranate tones.

The taste is soft with pleasant sweetness , but with pronounced taste of pomegranate grain.

Perfectly combiner with white meal dishes, salads and desserts.

Can be used as aperitif and as a base for cocktails.


The drink of brilliant golden color with lots of delicate bubbles.

Fragrant, fresh aroma of wine filled with sweet peach notes.

The taste of wine is pleasant, balanced and refreshed with notes of peach and other fruits.

The sparkling wine with taste of peach will create a true summer mood.


Drink light golden color.

Pleasant fresh aroma with hints of tropical fruits.

It has a refreshing taste with pleasant sweetness and notes of ripe mango.

Tiziano Mango is a good aperitif! Will make a wonderful pair of desserts, fruits and cheese plates.


The wine is red-brown.

Wonderful and unforgettable aroma of ripe currant with shades of forest berries.

The taste of the drink is elegant, balanced. The aftertaste of blackcurrant berries is felt.

Tiziano Black Currant is ideal as a standalone drink, but it will also complement desserts, snacks or fruits.


The drink is white with a straw tinge.

The aroma of the drink opens with tones of juicy garden fruits.

You will taste the fruity tones of ripe peaches, apricots and pears.

The drink is recommended to serve with desserts, fruit salads or as an aperitif.

Наш Винороб

Traveling the homeland of their ancestors, our winemaker was inspired once again by the beauty of this country and the temperament of its inhabitants. He lost his composure and had not slept for 3 nights until he embodied this emotion in the idea of creating a product that could perfectly convey the full flavor of incredible Italy!