The Tiziano Still TM line includes exclusive authorial wines created by our young progressive winemaker together with our leading marketers and sales specialists.

The assortment has completely new and progressive positions, from the taste and aroma of which the whole world is going crazy. These are natural drinks, made without alcohol and other artificial additives.


The wine is beautiful red.

The fragrant, fresh aroma of wine is filled with the characteristic tones of strawberries.

The taste of the wine is juicy, light, sweet, with hints of ripe strawberries and a long fruity-berry aftertaste.

It is recommended to serve wine with ice as a long drink, with mineral or sparkling water.


The wine is red-brown.

The aromatic bouquet of wine is rich in tart and rich pomegranate tones.

The taste of the wine is intense, has attractive fruity and spicy acuity. The aftertaste is long, characterized by notes of pomegranate.

Ideal as an aperitif, it will make a great pair of meat dishes, especially lamb, white meat and grilled meats, a variety of cheeses and desserts.


The wine is golden in color with a light orange tinge.

The wine is endowed with a wonderful aroma that reflects the authentic, exquisite nature of the peaches.

The wine has a light, deliciously refreshing taste with a hint of peach and a perfectly balanced sweetness.

The wine will become a pleasant aperitif, it can be consumed in pure form without snacks. And also to light salads and desserts.


The wine is light golden in color.

The aroma of wine is filled with tones of ripe white plums.

The taste of the wine is refreshing, with sweetness and juicy shades of white plums. Aftertaste long, with a slight acidity.

It is recommended to submit to desserts, it goes well with sweet fruits, fruit salads. It can also be used as an aperitif.


The wine is red-brown.

Wonderful and unforgettable aroma of ripe currant with shades of forest berries.

The taste of the drink is elegant, balanced. The aftertaste of blackcurrant berries is felt.

Tiziano Black Currant is ideal as a standalone drink, but it will also complement desserts, snacks or fruits.


The wine has a color from red to dark red.

The aroma of the drink opens with tones of juicy garden fruits.

You will taste the fruity tones of ripe peaches, apricots and pears.

The drink is recommended to serve with desserts, fruit salads or as an aperitif.

There are six types of fruit wines in our collection. These are completely natural drinks that are made without artificial additives and alcohol at our own winery.

The line offers consumers a wide range of wine drinks with fruit and berry flavors. All drinks of this brand are made at a factory in the Bessarabia region, which is in the southwestern part of the Odessa region. They are based on natural grape wine with aromatic components. Our drinks are characterized by a balanced, mild and delicate taste, lightness and natural aroma.